Our Mission

Erieli Knits is dedicated to making knitting and crocheting more accessible and inclusive. We hope to see the crafting community grow, and seek to provide valuable education material for free. Taking up a new hobby can be daunting and expensive. It is our goal to demystify the fiber world, be a resource for new and potential fiber enthusiasts, and help people find ways to make their new hobby budget-friendly.

What We Do

On our blog and YouTube channel we make content including: tutorials, patterns, classes, community-building interviews, and more. All of our content relates to the fiber arts and similar crafts.

In our shop we sell Erieli Knits knitting and crochet patterns, kits to get you started with a new craft, hand-blended fibers, and other handmade items.


To continue to keep free content, we rely on ads and shop purchases to compensate for our work. Please consider disabling your ad-blocker when using our website.

Meet the Maker

a photo of Raeli

Hi, I'm Raeli! I am the owner, designer, creator, editor, marketer, writer, web designer, and content manager behind Erieli Knits.

I first fell in love with crocheting back in 2015/2016. It helped ease some of the anxiety, pain, and stress that accompanied my major depression. After I graduated from university in 2018, I learned how to knit and was immediately hooked.

Since then, I have been knitting and crocheting non-stop. Seriously, ask anybody. I don't go anywhere unless I have a project of some sort with me

Aside from crafting, my hobbies include: playing video games, table top RPG (like D&D), going on walks with my little dog, having random dance parties with myself, binge watching TV series (my partner and I enjoy watching anime and reality TV like Love Island U.K.), and yoga. 


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