5 Things to Make With a Granny Square

Granny squares are a great foundational skill for any crocheter. I didn't really begin to find a good rhythm with crocheting until I learned how to make one, so we decided to create some content celebrating the versatility of granny squares. If you are a new crocheter, or if this is a new skill for you, check out our video about How to Make a Granny Square on YouTube. Otherwise, let's dive in and talk about five things you can make with a granny square.

Lap Blanket

The first (semi)successful crochet project I did was a granny square lap blanket. This is a favorite of mine because it is so cussing simple. All you do is make a giant granny square, changing colors as you see fit or as you get bored. If you have a yarn stash that you're trying to bust through, this would be a great project.

Giant Shrug

I made this back in 2016 after I saw a pattern for a Granny Cocoon Shrug on Pinterest. The shrug that the original designer made was smaller, but I decided that I wanted to feel like I was wrapped up in a giant blanket. All I did was crochet a big-cuss granny square, folded it in half, seamed the two sides together while leaving a gap in the middle, then double crocheted around the body a few times to add a collar. Unfortunately, I've re-purposed my giant shrug to serve as Yzma's blanket in my office (she LOVES anything that I crochet), so I don't have a better picture of it. However, the original pattern has much better visual aids.


To make a purse, just make a couple of granny squares, seam them together on three sides, and add a strap! When I made my Halloween themed granny square purse, I opted to sew a little lining for the inside of the bag so that nothing fell through the holes. If you want, you can also add some yarn tassels at the bottom.


This is where we begin to really think outside of the box. Granny squares make great accents to whatever crafty project you find yourself engaged in. You can learn how I made this DIY Crocheted Summer Wreath in the blog post.

Festival Top

Like I said before, granny squares make great accents and additions. A festival top with granny squares along the bottom? Cuss yes. You can find the pattern for the Isolated Summer Top on our blog as well. The Isolated Summer Top does not utilize basic granny squares, but those can easily be substituted in.

Hopefully you were able to get some ideas from this post for your next crochet project, or maybe some of these suggestions inspired you to make something completely unique. Either way, happy crocheting!

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