Basic Knit Dishcloth

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Hey, wanna learn how to knit? How about with pencils? Well, that's exactly what we teach you to do in our new Beginning Knit Class on YouTube! We wanted to give you an option if you don't want to run to the store to buy knitting needles, but you can also complete this course using traditional knitting needles if you so choose!

Words: Free beginning knit class (with pencils). A picture of a knitting project being done with pencils.

Note: if you opt to use pencils as your knitting needles, you will want to make a ball of tape and the end of your pencils to prevent any stitches from falling off.

Below is the pattern that you will be using for the online class. We hope that you enjoy it!


  • US 10.5 (6.5 mm) knitting needles or two pencils

  • Bulky or aran weight yarn (Size 5 or Size 4)

  • Darning needle & scissors


CO: cast on

k: knit

st(s): stitch(es)


CO 28 sts

Row 1: k all sts

Repeat Row 1 until work measures 8" from cast on

Bind off and weave in ends.

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