DIY Niddy Noddy

So, you've spun your yarn, and after X amount of time, you're finally ready to give it a bath. You need a niddy noddy to get it all tied up so it doesn't get tangled. The wooden ones are gorgeous, but you've already made your own yarn, so why not make your own niddy noddy? I've been using my DIY niddy noddy for a year now, and I don't see a need for anything else. Perhaps one day I may get a wooden one, but it would only be for * aesthetic *.

PVC pipe materials for the niddy noddy


  • One 12.25" length 3/4" PVC pipe

  • Four 6" length 3/4" PVC pipe

  • Two 3/4" T-joins

  • An option of four 3/4" pipe caps to help prevent the yarn from sliding off.

How to Assemble Your Niddy Noddy

Place your joins on both ends of the long pipe. Then, attach the shorter pipes in the remaining four holes on the joins and then cap them. Finally, orient the top and bottom arms of your niddy noddy to be perpendicular to one another.

assembled pvc pipe niddy noddy.
Assembled Niddy Noddy

Super easy, right?

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