DIY Treadle Covers

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

A castle-style double treadle spinning wheel with red, textured treadle covers.

For anyone who has considered getting into the world of spinning (or already is), you will have noticed that spinning wheels are quite the investment: whether it's building your own, buying one that is still in need of some finishing and assembling, or just purchasing one first or second-hand. And, when you invest that much into something it's only natural that you'll want to do all that you can to take good care of it and extend it's life.

When I saw my friend's sheepskin treadle covers I was intrigued. With those, she was able to protect her wheel from getting footprints rubbed into the treadles. However, there was a catch: purchasing sheepskin treadle covers was way out of my price range. So, I decided to make my own for under $15, and now I'm sharing my process with you!

a red bath mat, velcro strips, and elastic.


  • Skid resistant bath rug (19.5 in x 32 in / 49.5 cm x 81.2 cm)

  • 3/4 in / 1.9 cm elastic or fabric (about 40 in / 100 cm long)

  • 3/4 in / 1.9 cm sticky back Velcro (20 in / 50 cm of each side)

  • Scissors

  • Marker

  • Sewing machine or needle & thread

the red bathmat has been cut in half and then in half again. Two long rectangles are left close to the size of the treadles.

Begin by cutting the bath rug in half (horizontally), then cutting one of the halves in half again (vertically). Set aside the half that was not cut a second time.

the two rectangles from the bathmat have been cut to the shape of the treadles they will be covering.

Next, trace and cut the smaller pieces to the shape of your treadles.

Since the edges have been cut, a lot of bath rug fluff is falling out all over and making a mess. To fix this, sew along the edges of your cut mat using a zigzag stitch, then trim the edges.

Now, cut your elastic or fabric to the width of your treadle cover as well as your Velcro strips.

Attach the elastic or fabric strips onto your treadle cover where you feel would be best for keeping the treadles from moving around.

the back side of the treadle covers. The edges of the cut pieces have been sewn using a zigzag stitch, and the elastic  strips have been pinned around the center as straps.

Stick the Velcro onto your elastic and fabric strips (sew the Velcro down if you are using elastic). Pro tip: make sure that the Velcro sides will be facing each other when wrapped around your treadle.

the right side of a treadle cover. Velcro is attached to the elastic straps so that when the straps are around the treadle, the velcro faces each other.

Let the Velcro bond to the elastic / fabric.

And voila! You have your very own treadle covers.

Schacht matchless spinning wheel with finished treadle covers on the treadles.

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