Dodec Wheel

For anyone who has looked into spinning on a spinning wheel, you will have been faced with the disheartening reality of how expensive wheels are. That was me during the late summer of 2019. I spent a lot of time online trying to figure out how I could have a wheel at a lower price point. The answer was to make it myself. If you haven't heard of the Dodec Wheel, it is a spindle wheel that has free plans available out on the internet. Check out our Dodec Wheel inspiration board on Pinterest, and you will be flooded with ideas from other people who have used the plans to make their own wheel. You can access the free Dodec Wheel plans by clicking on this link to the pdf.

I only made one modification when making my wheel, which was to replace the wooden peg with a knob meant for cupboards. My peg broke several times from my treadling. The knob has been perfect and I was able to find one that suited my wheel.

In the end, I spent a total of $42.55 on the materials (which includes the knob that I replaced the wooden peg with).

Brutally Honest Review: It's definitely not a smooth wheel and will have its quirks, but overall it's a pretty fun little wheel that can be easily moved from place to place. This is not a beginner wheel. A beginner could spin on it (like I did), but they will be very frustrated. I would recommend getting comfortable with a drop spindle so that you can get used to drafting and then try out this wheel. However, if you're stubborn like me and are going to make the wheel as a beginner and try it anyways, I say go for it. With a little bit of practice and that applied stubbornness, you will be spinning beautiful yarn on it in no time. If you would like to see how it spins and hear more of my thoughts about the wheel, I have a review video on YouTube that you can watch:

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