My Go-Tos for Photos and Videos

Flat-lay of tripod, lapel mic and phone

This post contains a lot of information, so I have split it into two sections: capturing and editing. In the "Capturing" section, I go over some of the physical tools and applications that I use to capture video, audio, and images. Under "Editing" I talk about my favorite photo and video editing tools that I use to get my media ready for posting.

Let's get started.


Would you believe me if I told you that all of our YouTube videos, all of our pattern photos, and all of our product photos were done with my phone? With the quality of mobile cameras these days it isn't that much of a stretch of the imagination, but it's true. My current phone model is the Xiaomi Mi Lite (it's an Android).

When it comes to audio for videos, the phone's built-in mic does a pretty good job of picking up the sound, but in the past year I have started using a lapel mic. However, in order for my phone to register the mic as a mic and not headphones when I plug it in, I need to use a free third-party camera app called "Open Camera". This app recognizes the mic so you can specify that you want all of the video sound to be recorded through that and not the built-in mic. So far, I have been extremely happy with the sound quality of my lapel mic. The brand that I purchased is "Solid".

When it comes to lighting and stands, I use a ring light that is on an adjustable tripod with a phone holder. I am still playing with my set-up, but that's what has gotten me this far.


Editing is what makes my average content shine. For video editing, I use iMovie. I really appreciate how user-friendly it is, and it's just what I know. Plus, it comes pre-installed and free with most Apple products. For photo editing, I have one word: Snapseed. This free mobile app is a lifesaver. Plus, you can save your edits as a template for future photos to help get a consistent look and feel for your brand.

I have also recently been utilizing Canva for our YouTube thumbnails and link images. I wish that I had started using it two years ago!

Well, there you have it. If you take anything from this post, I hope that it is this: if you have a smart-phone with a working camera, you already have all that you need to create fantastic content. All the other things are great bonuses, but you could easily use your built-in mic and substitute a phone stand with a stack of books and a ring light with natural light from your window. Good luck!

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