The Augustus

Updated: Feb 17

Happy end-of-August! What better way to celebrate this month than with a re-release of the crochet pattern named after the man that the month was named after. WHOO. What a brain twister. Did you know that August was named after Augustus and July after Julius Ceasar? When the calendar was first created, July only had 30 days (following the pattern of 31, 30, 31, 30... days of the month). Well, the dude's ego was so big that he decided to take a day from February and add it onto his month : July. That's why July and February break the pattern and July and August both have 31 days.

The back view of the Augustus. It is a crocheted, sleeveless cardigan with lace motifs inspired by ancient Rome.

The Augustus was inspired by Ancient Rome. I designed it back in 2018 when our business slogan was “crocheting history”. This pattern received so much love at its release in 2019, so I decided to give it the makeover it deserved. This improved pattern has extended sizes, clearer instructions, and digital stitch charts to reference (PDF Version only).

You can purchase the AD-FREE PRINTABLE PDF in our online store, or on Ravelry.

This sleeveless coat is made by crocheting and seaming three rectangles. After the panels have been seamed, a contrasting color bottom is added.

Gauge: 11 dc x 6 rows = 4”

This pattern comes in the following four sizes: XS-M (L-XL, 2x-4x, 5x-6x) / ~ 50” (60”, 70”, 80”) chest circumference. The coat is intended to have 14”-22” of positive ease.

In addition, this pattern has two length options: ~35” or ~43” from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the coat. The free blog version only has instructions for the shorter length option.

Required Materials

· US Size I/9 crochet hook

· Color A: 2-7 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Off-White

· Color B: 1-3 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Autumn Red

· 12 – 30 DMC in Autumn Gold Medium for the fringe.

· Scissors and darning needle

· Yarn estimates are generous, so keep your receipt.


Abbreviations & Stitch Glossary (US Terms)

Ch: chain

St(s): stitch(es)

Dc: double crochet

Sc: single crochet

Panel Pattern

Specific instructions for each size are further down.

Note: Instructions in [] and () will be repeated. For a visual chart representation, you can purchase the ad-free, PDF version of the pattern in our shop or you can purchase it on Ravelry.

Using Color A, Ch 90

Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each st across (87 sts).

Row 2: Turn, ch3, [(ch1, sk1, dc1) x2, ch1, sk1, dc3, (ch1, sk1, dc1) x2] 7 times, ch1, sk1, dc in last st.

Row 3: Turn, ch3, dc, [(dc3, ch1, sk1) x2, dc4] 7 (9) times, dc in last st.

Row 4: Repeat Row 2

Row 5: Turn, ch3, ch1, sk1, [dc3, ch1, sk1, dc7, ch1, sk1] 7 times, dc in last st.

Row 6: Turn, ch3, [(ch1, sk1, dc1) x4, ch1, sk1, dc3] 7 times, ch1, sk1, dc in last st.

Row 7: Turn, ch3, dc across

picture of what rows 1 - 7 should look like.

Row 8 (Short Version): Turn, ch3, dc1, [ch3, sk3, dc in next 2 st] to end

Row 9-10: Repeat row 8

Row 11: Repeat row 7

picture of what rows 1 - 11 should look like.

For Sizes XS - M

Back Panel:

Work Rows 1 – 11.

Repeat Rows 2 – 11 three more times.